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Sushi Masa - Toro Salmon Misoyaki

16 Jan Sushi Masa Muara Baru

It’s just too early, January 2014, but I’m confident that what I write here about Sushi Masa is going to be one of top restaurant that I visited during the year of 2014.

Sushi Masa, the new recently opened Japanese restaurant (around 4 months), has grab such a big attention to the Japanese food lover though the place was really one of the non strategic one I guess, but, worry no if you are really want to experience this great Japanese food.

And just like what Japanese restaurant has, Sushi Masa offer an a la carte menu or Omakase (leave it up to chef) priced at IDR 1.3 million++. While for the a la carte, they have a selection from Sushi, Sashimi, Grilled, Deep Fried, Live Seashells selection, Moriawase, Udon.

Enough with all the intro, let’s get it done one by one.

California Roll might sounds too mainstream right, but believe me, you gotta try one from here. Every single bites were so lovely, the sushi rice was OMG.

Sushi Masa - California Roll

California Roll by Sushi Masa (IDR 25k++)

I believe this also sounds familiar, Salmon Maki, but again, one bite will never enough, the freshness of the salmon meet with the perfect sushi rice, a powerful one! Like its melting in your mouth.

Sushi Masa - Salmon Maki

Salmon Maki by Sushi Masa (IDR 20k++)

And still from the makimono, its spicy salmon maki, another perfect one that hardly to describe, finished lovely by covering the sushi with tempura flakes. Don’t be scared, as its not spicy as it written.

Sushi Masa - Spicy Salmon Maki

Spicy Salmon Maki by Sushi Masa (IDR 20k++)

Sashimi? Well yeah, who don’t know sashimi? It’s very common in Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. But the one that feels like melted inside your mouth where you can feel the freshness on every bites? Well thats what I experienced for my salmon belly.

Sushi Masa - Salmon Belly Sashimi

Salmon Belly Sashimi by Sushi Masa (IDR 35k++ / piece)

The Grill one that night become the star of the show, I had Black Cod Teriyaki, Black Cod Shioyaki and Toro Salmon Misoyaki set. And that were wonderfully hard to describe. Perfectness is belong to the dishes. The Black Cod was crispy on the skin, and super soft, fresh and juicy on the inside. That what also goes too the Toro Salmon Misoyaki.

Sushi Masa - Grilled Black Cod Shioyaki

Grilled Black Cod Shioyaki (IDR 110k++)

Sushi Masa - Grilled Black Cod Teriyaki

Grilled Black Cod Teriyaki Set (110k++)

Sushi Masa - Toro Salmon Misoyaki

Toro Salmon Misoyaki Set (IDR 80k++)

all the sets are served with miso soup and steamed rice.

Sushi Masa - Miso Soup

Miso Soup by Sushi Masa

and again from the grill side, I had Eihire (fin of ray fish), grilled by yourself in front of you until brownie, it’s like juhi  , lovely chewy, sweet, but its not fishy. Oh well, what a lovely one, served with mayonaise.

Sushi Masa - Grilled Eihire

Grilled Eihire by Sushi Masa (IDR 50k++)

Located in Muara Baru Port area, quite at the corner, Sushi Masa setted up with an elegant japanese style with a only a few tables, not really big sushi bar, and a few private rooms for your convenience. You might be surprised with this restaurant, which looks like a shine bright diamond in the middle of nowhere, and sure I will come back for more and more.

Psstt.. I didn’t even touch my shoyu.


Yeah, I’m back for updating this UH!!MAZING Japanese Restaurant..

Literally, this is not my new experience, It’s been a while, but I just havent update it..

Ok, for another thing you should try here is, Otoro, or so called Tuna Belly. Otoro or some say as Ohtoro is the fattiest part of the tuna with a clear marbled appearance. This sashimi is trully a WOW for me, it’s bloody fresh, with a juicy fatty and soft experience that will blow in your mouth. A DIE DIE MUST TRY! Priced at IDR 110k per slice, YES PER SLICE, its a real worth!

Sushi Masa - Otoro

Sushi Masa – Otoro (IDR 110k/slice)

For those who love grilling experience, you might wanna try their King Crab, which comes in 4 to 5 pieces, freshly grilled in from of you like grilling the eihire (using the charcoal), and again, my mind was blown, the meat was sweet! and I love how it ended up with a smokey character!

Sushi Masa - King Crab

Sushi Masa – King Crab (IDR 250k++)

I never imagine, how this simple sliced of beef could be so lovely after torched! I love the simplicity here, yet its so addicting!

Sushi Masa - Beef Aburi

Sushi Masa – Beef Aburi (IDR 35k++/slice)

This Chilean Sea Bass, well, I completely lost my word now. Let me cut it short, another WOW! Soft, sweet and savory!

Sushi Masa - Chilean Seabass

Sushi Masa – Chilean Seabass (150k++)

Now what are you waiting for? Let me make it simple, as for me, this is going to be one of the best restaurant of my version in 2014. So, wait no more!

Sushi Masa Muara Baru2

Sushi Masa
Jl. Tuna Raya No. 5, 3rd floor (opposite of BNI)
Muara Baru Ujung, PPS Nizam Zachman
North Jakarta, 14440
021-2926 3561
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