Paradise Inn – Food Tasting Panel

Paradise Inn Jakarta

05 Jul Paradise Inn – Food Tasting Panel

Paradise Inn Jakarta

At the end of June 2012, another Chinese restaurant just showed off in Jakarta city. Located in Plaza Indonesia shopping mall, this new Chinese restaurant is a franchise from Singapore which named Paradise Inn and imported by Boga Group. This restaurant try to bring an authentic inn-style eatery that is a restaurant, tea house and a dessert cafetaria into one establishment.

So for their soft opening, Paradise Inn management invited several food bloggers to enjoy their creations, and we can freely choose what to experience from their menu. As a starter we challenge their creations by choosing the Crisp-fried Seafood Roll in Wasabi Mayo, and Crisp-fried Fish with Preserved Bean Paste. The seafood roll taste nice with cherry on top, but for the sauce, the wasabi mayo was lack of character, yet for the Crisp-fried Fish, the fish meat was nice and soft, but a bit salty.

Crisp Fried Seafood Roll

Still on the starter, then I have a chance to try their Teochew style crisp-fried prawn roll with honey sauce. The prawn roll was nice, and taste like “ngohiong”.

Teochew Style Crisp Fried Prawn Roll

Moved to the soup, we had a double-boiled sea whelk with spare ribs and Chinese yam which believed has several functions such as improves eyesight, and maintain youthfulness, nourishes lungs and kidneys. What a nice traditional recipe!

Double Boiled Sea Whelk Soup

Taking one step forward, we had Supreme Seafood Fried Rice, that comes with crab stick, prawn, and tobiko. A Must Try one! and for the additional courses we had a Crisp-fried Prawns with Butter and Cereal, Imperial Pork Ribs, Hot Plate Tofu with Preerved Cai Xin and Minced Pork, and the last but not the least was Sauteed Venison with Black Pepper.

I’m favouriting the Imperial Pork Ribs, it was tender and sweet. The Venison was nice as well, what an exotic one, and couldn’t doubt for its tenderness. I just thinking that the Chinese black pepper sauce was not fit because it will covering the taste of the venison itself. (The sauce wasn’t bad, just not fit in my opinion). And for the prawn, it was nice, the battering was good, crunchy, and the cereal were giving a sweet character into the prawn.

When main courses are done, it’s time for dessert to rules the table. That time I tried several of their desserts like Double-boiled Hashima with Red Dates and Dried Longan, Durian Pancake, Mango Sago, Chilled Lemongrass Jelly, White Almond Paste and Ah Balling with Red Bean Sago. I can say that the dessert selections was quite nice, the Durian Pancake was too light, need to be a little bit stronger, the Chilled Lemongrass has a quite strong character, and the Hashima was light and refreshing.

White Almond and Hashima

Just for your encyclopedia, a Hashima or also known as Hasma, is a dried fatty tissue that found near the fallopian tubes of frogs. Interesting huh? That was my journey at the Paradise Inn, what about yours?

p.s. This restaurant is fit for dining with your family, especially if your family is a Chinese food lover =)

Paradise Inn
Plaza Indonesia
Basement Level, Unit 25-27A
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: (021)29923848
Double boiled sea whelk soup – Rp.128.000++
Teochew style crisp-fried prawn roll – Rp.48.000++
Crisp-fried fish with preserved bean paste – Rp.68.000++
Imperial pork ribs (small) – Rp.48.000++
Hot plate tofu (small) – Rp.38.000++
Sauteed venison (small) – Rp.88.000++
Crisp fried crystal prawn (small) – Rp.78.000++
Supreme seafood fried rice (small) – Rp.48.000++
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